Dr Vanja Pekovic-Vaughan BSc, PhD, FHEA

Senior Lecturer in Circadian & Musculoskeletal Physiology; Science of Medicine Theme Lead (School of Medicine) Musculoskeletal & Ageing Science


Selected Publications

  1. Redox changes in obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes (Journal article - 2021)
  2. Adult stem cell maintenance and tissue regeneration around the clock: do impaired stem cell clocks drive age-associated tissue degeneration? (Journal article - 2018)
  3. N-acetyl cysteine alleviates oxidative stress and protects mice from dilated cardiomyopathy caused by mutations in nuclear A-type lamins gene (Journal article - 2018)
  4. Comparing Circadian Dynamics in Primary Derived Stem Cells from Different Sources of Human Adult Tissue (Journal article - 2017)
  5. Cellular mechano-environment regulates the mammary circadian clock (Journal article - 2017)
  6. Ageing in relation to skeletal muscle dysfunction: redox homoeostasis to regulation of gene expression (Journal article - 2016)
  7. The circadian clock regulates rhythmic activation of the NRF2/glutathione-mediated antioxidant defense pathway to modulate pulmonary fibrosis (Journal article - 2014)
  8. Conserved cysteine residues in the mammalian lamin A tail are essential for cellular responses to ROS generation (Journal article - 2011)
  9. The MAGUK-family protein CASK is targeted to nuclei of the basal epidermis and controls keratinocyte proliferation (Journal article - 2008)
  10. Nucleoplasmic LAP2α-lamin A complexes are required to maintain a proliferative state in human fibroblasts (Journal article - 2007)