Photo of Dr Samuel Lawman

Dr Samuel Lawman BSc (Hons), PhD

Postdoctoral Research Associate Eye & Vision Sciences


Personal Statement

I build Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) systems, currently specialising in the Spectral Domain (SD) Line Field (LF) format. I have recently first authored the only comprehensive review paper on all “Line Field Optical Coherence Tomography” formats (Lawman et al., Photonics. Vol. 9. No. 12. MDPI, 2022). My original work in the field has been published in Optics Express, Biomedical Optics Express and Translation Vison Science & Technology. I have reviewed for journals including Optics Letters, Optics Express, Biomedical Optics Express and an awful lot for MDPI. I hold two patents from my work.

I have previously designed, built and took through the MHRA notice of no objection assessment, the NIHR i4i funded LiveOCT devices for a clinical study at St Paul’s eye unit. My current project is to do all the above again for an EPSRC funded EYE-SCREEN-4-DPN project, the clinical study will run at Aintree Hospital. With my expertise gained, I am willing to provide initial guidance and provisional auditing on the following regulations and international standards:
• MHRA notice of no objection (devices)
• ISO 13485 and ISO 9001
• ISO 14971
• IEC 62304
• IEC 60825
• ISO 15004

Me and my colleagues are happy to help, collaborate and commercialise on a wide range of OCT related technology including:
• SD OCT (both free space LF and fibre based conventional scanning point)
• Full Field (FF) Time Domain (TD) (OCT)
• Phase sensitive techniques including
---- Phase microscopy
---- OCT angiography
---- Vibrometry
---- Physical deformation measurement
• OCT and other Low Coherence Interferometry (LCI) based profilometry/topology/metrology

Previously, my eclectic PhD was in collaboration with the National Gallery in London and involved soft matter physics, rheology, unilateral NMR and various profilometry techniques, as well as FD OCT. Prior to coming to the University of Liverpool, I was Quality Assurance (ISO 9001) and Technical Support Manager at a small rubber compounding company (Marple Polymer Processors Ltd.).

I am highly experienced with MATLAB, working daily with it in my current role and PhD. I have written my medical device software (GUI, hardware control, data processing, patient database/data control, data encryption) in a Visual Studio, C++, C++/CLI, C#, SQL and WinForms stack. From my career I have experience in other Languages, such as LABVEIW, C, ImageJ and ObjectPAL (Paradox database).

My boss in the Department of Eye and Vision Science is Prof. Yalin Zheng, though physically I work with Prof. Yao-Chun Shen in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics. When I am in Liverpool you will find me in Room 306 (Office), B-block, Electrical Engineering and Electronics or G01 (Laser Lab), A-block, Electrical Engineering and Electronics. When working from home I am located near Glossop, convenient for Manchester and the North West, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire.