Professor Nathan Jeffery Bsc Msc PhD FAS FHEA

Professor Musculoskeletal & Ageing Science


Craniofacial morphometrics and biomechanics

Collaborator(s) & PhD Students: Prof. Fred Spoor (Natural History Museum, London); Prof. Chris Mendias (Hospital for Special Surgery, New York); Dr. Phil Cox (University of York); Dr. Fay Penrose (University of Liverpool); Amy Manson (PhD candidate, University of Liverpool); Craig Humphreys (PhD candidate, University of Liverpool).

Morphological and functional integration of ocular and vestibular systems

Collaborator(s): Prof. David Berson and Dr. Shai Sabbah (Brown University); Prof. Fred Spoor (Natural History Museum, London); Marcela Cardenas Serna (PhD candidate, University of Liverpool)

Mechanics of bone, cartilage and entheses

Collaborator(s): Prof. Jim Gallagher (University of Liverpool); Dr. Paula Vickerton (Queen Mary University of London ); Dr. Fotios Alexandros Karakostis (Tuebingen University); Prof. Jonathan Jarvis (John Moore's University).

Research Group Membership