Photo of Dr Masoud Isanejad

Dr Masoud Isanejad MPHN, PhD, AFHEA

Lecturer in Nutrition Musculoskeletal & Ageing Science


Personal Statement

Dr. Isanejad is a lecturer in the Department of Musculoskeletal and Ageing Science at the University of Liverpool. His research aims to explore the health benefits of nutrition and exercise in older adults, focusing on muscle and cognitive function, frailty, and chronic diseases such as heart failure and cancer. Dr. Isanejad focuses on translating current understanding into improved diagnostic and treatment approaches. His particular interest lies in investigating metabolomics and the gut microbiome's interaction with nutrition. Leading a group of postgraduate students on Muscle-Gut Axis Improvement with Nutrition (MuscleGaIN) projects, he seeks to deepen understanding in this area. He collaborates closely with the NHS to integrate practical health research, aiming to make sarcopenia diagnosis, treatment, and prevention seamlessly integrated into routine clinical care.

He is also the deputy lead for Patient and Public Involvement for his institute, and he support the institute research to align with the PPI guideline and portfolio set by NIHR and UKRI.

Dr. Isanejad possesses a rich set of skills, including expertise in:
-LCMS and GCMS metabolomics.
- Clinical nutrition and precision nutrition.
- Epidemiology and large data analysis.