Liverpool Centre for Cardiovascular Science and World Heart Day 2023

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World Heart Day Logo

To mark World Heart Day 2023, Liverpool Centre for Cardiovascular Science (LCCS) is preparing a special event in collaboration with the Liverpool City Council, aimed at improving awareness of heart health in the region.

World Heart Day is a global event held on Friday 29 September as a reminder to everyone to take care of their hearts. This World Heart Day, the LCCS team invite members of the public to visit them from 10:00-15:00 at the Liverpool Central Library to learn more about heart health. Visitors to this free event are invited to take part in a ‘heart health MOT’, CPR training, and learn more about their own wellbeing, including how lifestyle changes can improve their cardiovascular health.

The north west of England has some of the highest levels of cardiovascular disease. The LCCS was established in 2019 with the goal of addressing these concerning statistics via world-leading research, public engagement, and informing local and national policy making.

Professor Deirdre Lane, Professor of Cardiovascular Health and Head of Department for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine at the University of Liverpool highlights the importance of early detection and prevention of cardiovascular conditions: "Knowledge is power - on World Heart Day we are encouraging people to ‘know your own numbers’ – for blood pressure and heart rate and rhythm.  Knowing you have high blood pressure or an irregular heart rhythm (atrial fibrillation) and getting appropriate treatment is important to prevent serious events like a stroke."

LCCS will also be ‘Lighting Up Liverpool Red’, illuminating iconic buildings across the city to increase awareness of heart health in the region.

Mark your calendars for 29 September and join the Liverpool Centre for Cardiovascular Science in taking a step towards a heart-healthy future for yourself and the community.