Dr Jacky Waldock PhD

Faculty Impact Fellow, Deputy Director the Centre for Health Arts Society and Environment Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Research Overview

My work is governed by a few interrelated questions: How are sounds perceived and performed differently in communities and according to axes of identity? How is the making of sound a terrain of power and a transformative force? My work has explored home and sonic place making in the context of COVID and urban development. I have also explored the role of sound in creating a sense of belonging and identity amongst marginalised groups. Most recently my work has sought to understand the role of sound and music in health context.

As academics we have the opportunity to do research that can “challenge policy; empower resistances; platform voices; nurturing new critical publics; and envision alternatives.”(Madchen 2019). My methodological work is formed on a basis of co-production, relational, two way forms of collaboration beyond the walls of the academy. My practice is rooted in a co-creation composition methodology that insists on the experiential expertise of those who dwell and traverse the sonic environmental space as an integral part of the artistic process.

Research Grants

AHRC IAA 22-25


April 2022 - December 2025