Professor Catherine Durose BA (Hons), MA (Research), PhD, SFHEA

Professor of Public Policy, Co-Director of the Heseltine Institute of Public Policy Practice and Place Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Selected Publications

  1. Why are designs for urban governance so often incomplete? A conceptual framework for explaining and harnessing institutional incompleteness (Journal article - 2021)
  2. Community Control in the Housing Commons: A Conceptual Typology (Journal article - 2021)
  3. Leadership and the hidden politics of co-produced research: a Q-methodology study (Journal article - 2023)
  4. Working the urban assemblage: A transnational study of transforming practices (Journal article - 2022)
  5. Why decentralize decision making? English local actors' viewpoints (Journal article - 2019)
  6. Five Ways to Make a Difference: Perceptions of Practitioners Working in Urban Neighborhoods (Journal article - 2016)
  7. Revisiting Lipsky: Front-Line Work in UK Local Governance (Journal article - 2011)
  8. Is co-production a ‘good’ concept? Three responses (Journal article - 2022)