UN IOM Hackathon: Bridging Climate and Human Mobility

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Thank you all again for participating in the UN IOM Hackathon: Bridging Climate and Human Mobility. 

All four judges were extremely impressed with the quality, academic rigor, and detail demonstrated in your final submissions. They have asked me to emphasize that each team’s submission had unique strengths, which made the decision process quite time-consuming and difficult.

After a week of deliberation, we are pleased to announce that:


Congratulations to Chen Yunxi Wynsey, Denisa Armelia Tami, Giulia Brutti, Nowsha Farha, and Peniel Adanna Ibe!

The judges were very impressed with your gender analysis and think that investigating the lags in displacement between women and men across other contexts could be a great area of further analysis, from both a technical and thematic perspective.


Congratulations to Ruth Neville, Gladys Kenyon, David Bareham, Maya Middleton-Welch, Ellen Gisto, and Marion Gabriel!

The judges were very impressed with your innovative network approach and extremely detailed analysis of the relevant historical, economic, and state political context.

The submissions of both Team 5 and Team 3 will help inform IOM’s report on climate and human mobility ahead of the COP 28. The findings of both teams will also be presented at the IOM Nairobi hackathon in two weeks. Finally, the members of Team 5 will be offered a 6-week work placement with the London team. Perry will reach out on Monday to coordinate the next steps.

Once again, huge congratulations to all of you! 🎊🎊🎊

As a reminder, the hackathon team would love to have your feedback to help us with future events. The survey link is here, and it only takes a few minutes to complete.