MSc dissertation award to Liverpool student

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Spatial Random Effects in the Space-time Model

We are thrilled to announce that Tom Statham, one of the students in last year’s cohort of our very own MSc in Geographic Data Science, has been awarded the best MSc dissertation prize by the Geographic Information Science Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society, in its 2018 edition.

Tom’s dissertation (already awarded a prize by the CDRC), developed in partnership with a broadband provider and supervised by Dr. Gavin Dong, innovatively applies advanced Bayesian spatiotemporal statistics to model network fault data. The study shows network fault rates can be better understood and predicted if a model takes into account spatial, temporal, and spatiotemporal interaction effects. The dissertation compares such advanced methods with widely used time series forecasting techniques, finding notable improvements, and goes on to provide insights on how geodemographics are related to spatial variabilities in network faults.

PDF for dissertation manuscript