Prospective Sky Guides (Fixed Wing) Publications


  1. Jump, M., Padfield, G.D., Progress in the development of guidance strategies for the landing flare manoeuvre using tau-based parameters.  Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, 2006.  78(1): p4-12.
  2. Jump, M., Padfield, G.D., Investigation of the flare maneuver using optical tau. Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics, 2006. 29(5):p1189-1200.

Conference Papers

  1. Jump, M., Padfield, G.D., “Tau Flare or not Tau Flare? that is the question: Developing Guidelines for an Approach and Landing Sky Guide”, AIAA Guidance Navigation and Control Conference, San Francisco, August 2005.
  2. Jump, M., Padfield, G.D.,  “Progress in the Development of Guidance Strategies for the Landing Flare Manoeuvre Using Tau-based Parameters”, 1st International Conference on Innovation and Integration in Aerospace Sciences, Belfast, August 2005.
  3. Jump, M., Padfield, G.D.,  “Development of a nature-inspired flare command algorithm”, to be submitted for AIAA Guidance Navigation and Control Conference 2007.  Submission expected January 2007.

Conference Paper 2 was awarded ‘Best Paper at Conference’.

Patents (Pending)

  1. Jump, M., Padfield, G.D., Lee, D.N., Vehicle Guidance System. Application Number 11461277, United States, 2006.