Beginning during the summer of 2000 with the Wright Brothers project, a number of research projects have investigated the flying qualities of vintage aircraft.

Starting with the Wright 1901 and 1902 gliders, various Centennaries have been marked with the development of flight simulation models used on the full motion flight simulator. The work continues with the development of a Cody aircraft to mak the Centennary of powered flight in UK and a range of other vintage aicraft.

This year has seen the development of a number of new vintage aircraft simulation models by undergraduate researchers and have been flown on the flight simulator. The Wright and the Cody models will continue to be developed during the next academic year.



                  Roe Biplane


           Roe Triplane




              Bristol Boxkite


                   Bleriot XI


                 Cody 1A


                   Farman III


                Curtiss No.2


               Wright Model A