Facilities and services

We offer all the normal services expected of a top-class farm animal practice.

We provide the following services:

  • Dedicated farm vets are available 24 hours a day. During nights and weekends our clients speak directly to a vet rather than an answering service.
  • Routine fertility visits using up-to-date scanners.
  • Follow-up interpretation of fertility performance by data analysis.
  • Advice on control of mastitis and cell count problems, interpretation of cell count data generated by NMR or CIS.
  • Regular locomotion scoring and advice to assist with lameness control.
  • Assistance for those undergoing organic conversion and health scheme accreditation.
  • Herd health planning visits (free of charge…see below)
  • All normal emergency work for ruminants, pigs and camelids.
  • The highest level of biosecurity is practised when we are on your premises.
  • Bull and ram vasectomies.

In addition, we have:

  • Our own qualified foot trimmer with 3 portable crushes who offers a routine foot trimming service to our clients.
  • Electroejaculation equipment for bull breeding soundness examinations either here at Leahurst or on your farm.
  • Facilities for anaesthetics and surgeries, with 24-hour care afterwards in modern loose boxes, including isolation block and milking facilities.
  • Full post-mortem examinations performed by expert pathologists for minimal costs.
  • Access to x-ray, scanning and endoscope facilities as needed.
  • A mobile handling system comprising of a crush and gates which we can bring to your farm if necessary for performing required tasks.
  • Inpatient facilities in which we can accommodate all species from small ruminants to breeding bulls, for day patients, intensive care, post-surgery or prolonged treatment if required.

We are part of the School of Veterinary Science and have fourth/final-year students accompanying us on visits.
This might mean that some procedures take longer as we teach whilst we work but to make up for this our routine fertility work is heavily subsidised and your annual Herd Health Plan is assessed free of charge every year.
The students are competent assistants during calvings, caesarians, abdominal surgeries and are an active part of our being able to nurse patients 24 hours a day. They add to the quality of service we offer and relieve you and your herdsman of time-consuming tasks free of charge.

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