Gor Piliposyan wins the Engineering category Gold Medal in STEM for Britain 2022

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We’re happy to announce that EEE PhD student Gor Piliposyan has won the Engineering Category Gold Medal in the STEM for Britain 2022 competition.

Image if Gor Piliposyan winning the Gold medal at STEM for Britain 2022

Gor is working under the supervision of Dr Saqib Khursheed on detecting stealthy hardware trojans on electronic circuit boards with the aid of power analysis and machine learning. This work has been published in IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing (DOI: 10.1109/TETC.2020.3035521), and another journal paper is currently under review. 

STEM for Britain is a scientific poster competition and exhibition which has been held in Parliament since 1997, and is organised by the Parliamentary & Scientific Committee. Their aim is to give members of both Houses of Parliament an insight into the outstanding research work being undertaken in UK universities by PhD students and postdocs (ECRs). As part of overall competition, there are five subject categories, including Biology and Medicine, Chemistry, Engineering, Maths and Physics.

This year, within Engineering there were 33 finalists,  from other universities including Cambridge, Imperial, Oxford, Southampton, and industry for example Google. Gor not only received the Gold Medal, but also the IEEE Communications Award on his excellent presentation. It was presented to Parliamentarians and subject judges on 07 March 2022.

The poster is available here: https://stemforbritain.org.uk/stem2022-sissg7rjjh546l7Fdth6y/Finalists/gor.piliposyan-pos.pdf and you can see more details about the winners in all categories at https://stemforbritain.org.uk/2022-winners/.