About us

The University of Liverpool has a long tradition in Economics. In the 1930s, for example, Ronald Coase, winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, was an Assistant Lecturer in Commerce at the University of Liverpool.

Today, Economics continues to be a thriving and dynamic area of teaching, scholarship and research. Comprising around 40 academic staff, the Economics group sits within the University of Liverpool Management School. Our researchers have expertise in a broad range of fields including economic theory, applied microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics. They regularly produce world-leading academic publications, including in prestigious journals such as the American Economic Review, Econometrica, the Journal of Political Economy, the Quarterly Journal of Economics, and the Review of Economic Studies.

The group’s research also delivers significant societal impact, working with external policy institutions such as the IMF, World Bank, IFS, European Commission, NGOs, Consultancies, and many Central Banks. Just as importantly, our staff are educating the next generation of leaders in business and economics.

We offer two rigorous undergraduate programmes in BSc Economics and BA Business Economics, and four taught postgraduate programmes in MSc Economics, MSc Data Science for EconomicsMSc Economic Policy and Data Analytics plus MSc Money and Banking. The group also contribute to the Management School's general management programmes. Moreover, we have a thriving postgraduate research community with around 20 current PhD students.

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