Storing records

There are three steps you need to follow to transfer records to the University Records Centre:

  1. Complete and return a records transfer list
  2. Box up the records
  3. Arrange for collection

1. Complete and return a Records Transfer List

Download a Records Transfer List and complete the form electronically following the detailed instructions on the first page. The transfer list is your guide to what has been transferred in each box sent across to the Records Centre. Records Management do not make any checks against what is in the box so it is important to be accurate on this form. The list must be returned to Records Management at least one week before the date of collection.

When the boxes arrive at the Records Centre they will be allocated a location reference. This will be added to the transfer list, and a copy will be returned to you. The location reference should be given when you request any files which have been sent for storage in the Records Centre.

2. Box up the records

Records will only be accepted in standard-sized boxes which are supplied to you on request. Please do not overfill boxes: if you cannot lift the box, then it is too heavy for our staff as well. We do not charge for storage so you will not be saving any money by overfilling boxes.

As you box, and list your files (we recommend that you do both at the same time), try to sift out any material which is no longer required at all:

  • Get rid of duplicates and drafts
  • Dispose of anything which is out of date, such as old suppliers' lists
  • Remove any plastic wallets, covers or sleeves

If you need any assistance with deciding what to keep and what to destroy, please contact us.

Finally, mark the boxes with references you have provided on the Transfer List, e.g. Box 1, Box 2, etc. You may wish to develop your own consistent numbering/identifiable marking scheme. Do not identify the contents of the box on the outside - we store information randomly and anonymously in the Records Centre. Our database is secure and we use a location system to ensure we can find your files again whilst preventing unauthorised access.

3. Arrange for collection

We collect boxes every Thursday, usually between 9:00 and 12 Noon. We will only accept records stored in our standard-sized boxes and we must have received a completed electronic Records Transfer List, detailing the contents of the boxes, at least one week prior to collection. To arrange collection please email with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your contact telephone number
  • Location of material for collection (building, room number, and method of access, e.g. via Building Manager)
  • Quantity of boxes to be collected / sacks for confidential disposal

We will then advise you of the next available collection date. Please note that the waiting time can be up to three months: if this is problematic, please contact us to discuss alternative arrangements. If you are unavailable at the arranged collection time, please speak with a colleague and provide them with the details of the arrangement.