Retrieving records

While stored in the Records Centre, the records remain the property of the originating department. Only staff from the department which deposited the file can withdraw it. Any other department needs their permission.

How do I request retrieval of records?

To request records from the Records Centre, please contact Records Management and provide the following details:

  • Your name
  • Department reference number (if you have one)
  • Location number (see the right-hand column of your copy of the transfer list)
  • Title of file
  • Relevant dates (as appropriate)

Please note that the location number is the primary means for us to retrieve your records. If you are unable to provide a location number, retrieval of your records may be delayed.

What happens next?

Once your request has been processed, we will arrange with you the best method for access. You may collect records, view them in person, or we can arrange delivery (which will take additional time). Once records have left the Records Centre, they become the responsibility of the department requesting them.

Returning files

Files should be returned to the Records Centre as soon as possible. A recall reminder will be issued by the database once a file has been out of the Records Centre for one month. If you require the file(s) for longer, please respond to the automated email to let us know how long you wish to keep it for and we will extend the issue for you. 

Withdrawing files permanently

You can withdraw files from the Records Centre permanently at any time. In this situation, they will be removed from our records. You may choose to store them again in the Records Centre at a future point in time, in another consignment.