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Earn up to £1000 interning with an SME in the Liverpool City Region

This unique programme, delivered in partnership with Santander Universities UK, provides current students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain experience and boost career prospects.

In 2021 the Liverpool Interns programme generated 132 unique internship opportunities for students and graduates, and played an integral role in supporting business recovery in the Liverpool City Region (LCR).

About Liverpool Interns

The Liverpool Internships programme is designed to connect students and graduates seeking skills-enhancing short-term opportunities with some of the UK's best Small to Medium Entreprises (SME's) looking to develop and grow their businesses.

Liverpool Interns is a programme of unique flexible (up to 100 hours) paid internships for students to complete flexibly during their studies and for graduates to take on after completion of their course.

What are the internships?

Every year the Employer Connections Team at Careers and Employability identify a wide variety of internships in consultation with SME's involved in the Liverpool Interns programme. The internships are created according to business need and span a number of areas including marketing, business development, research, education, information technology and health.

All live Liverpool Internships are advertised on Handshake as a job posting. To search for live opportunities click here and follow the steps to apply in Handshake. You can also filter jobs by the ''2022 Liverpool Interns' search label on Handshake.

Please note that internships will not be promoted to students and graduates until February 2022.

How long are the internships?

All internships require a total of 100 hours work and are paid at £10 per hour. The 100 hours can be completed in two ways:

  • Over a period of three weeks (based on full-time hours of work) during the University vacation period; or 
  • On a part-time basis in term-time to fit with studies.

Internships are often extended by the SME, and there is potential to move from part-time to full-time at the end of an internship experience, but only on request of the employer (SME). 

When do the internships start?

Internships will be available throughout Spring/Summer 2022. Start dates will vary according to the needs of individual SME's and successful candidates.

Are the internships paid?

Yes. You will be paid a rate of £10 per hour for a total of 100 hours for each internship.

Can I source my own internships?

Yes. You can identify your own internship with a Small Business and introduce the company to the Employer Connections Team (employerconnections@liverpool.ac.uk) who will explain how the internship/bursary programme works.

Internships can only be with companies who have less than 250 employees.

Can I work for an SME elsewhere in the UK?

Yes, internships can be with SME's based anywhere in the UK. The majority of internships on offer will however be in the Liverpool City Region. This is to support business recovery in the LCR.

Who can apply?

Students from any year of study and recent graduates can apply for Liverpool Interns opportunities.

How do I apply?

If you'd like to apply for a Liverpool Interns role, please register your interest and you will then be notified when opportunities go live for you to apply directly through Handshake.

Each internship posting will have specific information on how to apply but most will require you to submit your CV with a Cover Letter, either directly to the SME, or via the Employer Connections Team.

Before making an application please check the quality of your CV by visiting the Career Studio, where our Career Coaches will work with you to create or update your CV.  

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