Acoustics Research Unit wins research funding on perceptual models for floor impact sound

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Dr Pyoung Jik Lee, Lecturer in the Acoustics Research Unit (ARU) has won £45k from the Korean Institute of Construction Technology (KICT) for the development of perceptual models of floor impact sound through socio-acoustic analysis.

Previous research has identified the relevance of non-acoustical factors in the perception of noise. However, most of these studies have focused on environmental noises such as from transportation with limited assessment of the perception of floor impact sounds in apartment buildings, such as from footsteps. The aim of this study is to develop a perceptual model which explains annoyance caused by floor impact sounds using a qualitative approach. The relative impact of non-acoustic factors influencing floor impact sound evaluation will be investigated through structured interviews in South Korea. The study will also explore the direct and indirect relationships between non-acoustic factors and perception of floor impact sound through structural equation modelling. This research will allow the development of guidelines and procedures for the assessment of complaints about floor impact sounds based on an enhanced understanding of the perception of floor impact sounds

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