Huyton High Street Exhibition and Launch

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Inside a restaurant two women are sitting at a table watching a man in a suit wearing VR goggles.
KMBC Executive Director for Resources takes a virtual trip through Patrick Allen’s Mayfair project

Third year students exhibited their High Street ideas in the windows of a disused high street shop and to public and council members at a high street launch event.

Students standing in front of the glass doors of a modern brick building. There are posters on the windows.

The students of Studio Pen and Inc individually envisioned small proposals for Huyton Village High Street, each intended to activate and celebrate the environment in different ways. They then studied one of three disused high street landmark buildings and through retrofit and re-imagination they visioned options for a high street community hub. All work embedding holistic sustainability principles of Fragile Future’s balancing social, economic and environmental factors in a holistic approach.

Display board in a busy street covered in post it notes.

Derby Road Huyton

The work celebrated the Studio’s collaboration with Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Dr Fei Chen (UoL research group Urban Form and Social Space) and Architectural practice Architectural Emporium to drive this ‘live project’ (


The work continues in 2022 2023.