Kaplan Open Learning

The partnership between University of Liverpool (UoL) and Kaplan Open Learning (KOL) was established in 2019. Kaplan Open Learning has its operational base in the UK. The arrangement between the University of Liverpool and Kaplan Open Learning is for the operation of the University's online education brand.

A suite of programmes are being delivered through the partnership between UoL and KOL, further information about the programmes available can be found at https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/study/online/. The focus of the portfolio is on providing professional development across the subject areas of Education, Management, Health, Psychology and Computer Science predominantly aimed at working professionals who therefore benefit from the flexibility of online delivery.

The Programmes offered by the KOL and UoL partnership are awards of the University of Liverpool and all students are registered as UoL students.

KOL maintain the online learning platform, provide support for the students and recruit and develop the online lecturers. KOL uses remotely based lecturers to support the delivery of the programmes through a wholly online platform to students who are recruited globally.

The UoL holds responsibility for the quality assurance of the online programmes and the partnership, the UoL is also responsible for external examining, Boards of Studies, Boards of Examiners and the approval of new programmes. The UoL delegates some areas of responsibility to KOL, these included admissions, student registration and enrolment and moderation, whilst the responsibility for these areas are delegated to KOL the UoL maintain oversight of these processes and procedures, to ensure compliance with The UK Quality Code for Higher Education, the UoL Code of Practice on Assessment and other relevant requirements.

Guidance on Procedures

To request a copy of the Guidance on Procedures, please contact the Kaplan Open Learning team at aqsd@liverpool.ac.uk