The University of Liverpool Women's Club is open to all female members of staff (both current and retired), partners of staff, postgraduates, and alumni. The Women's Club provides an opportunity to meet people and make new friends, get help and advice in finding your way around, and broaden your connections in Liverpool.


The Women's Club has been part of the University for over 90 years and prides itself on keeping abreast of cultural and intellectual developments - arranging gallery, museum, theatre, and concert visits, excursions to interesting places, and topical speakers. It also likes to think it does not neglect the need for the occasional party.

The original aims of the Women’s Club are not known. However, the earliest record found from 1981, shows there were three main aims.

  • To welcome newly-appointed members of staff and their families
  • To forge and maintain links/friendships between wives/widows of staff members and women staff.
  • To provide a place and opportunity for the latter through social events and functions.

Overall the main aims of the Women’s Club have not changed - to welcome newcomers to the University and provide them with an opportunity to meet people and make new friends. Although a 'woman's network', husbands and partners are warmly invited to all our events.