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A student stands in front of a sculpture of The Beatles on Liverpool's waterfront

Music courses

Be inspired by our Music programmes.

Create a combined degree

Combine subjects to create a 50/50 (joint) or 75/25 (major/ minor) degree to suit you.

£3M Yoko Ono Lennon Centre and 400 seat Tung Auditorium concert hall opened in 2022

UNESCO City of Music since 2015 - Liverpool

100% of students agreed the course had provided them with opportunities to apply what they have learnt (NSS, 2021)

Being original

We are the original redbrick. Find out what being original means to our students and what it could mean for you.

All of my lecturers - who were leading authorities in their respective fields - not only knew me on first name terms, but also really understood my work, and were therefore able to push me musically and academically.

Jake Dorfman, Music Alumnus

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TheExpressive RedBrick

We are ideas that inspire, and a culture that moves. Minds that never rest, in a city that never sleeps. Study with us, and get immersed.