U-COPE Self-Harm Service

Here to help you understand why you self-harm

U-COPE therapy, (University Community Outpatient Psychotherapy Engagement) is a new self-harm service designed for those who have recently self-harmed, or those who struggle with self-harming currently. The service is being offered at both University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University, as part of two Office for Students funded projects looking to improve student mental health provision and is a psychosocial intervention designed to help you work through your emotions and understand why you self-harm. We won’t judge you, we’re just here to talk to you and help you move forward.

Our team of Clinical Practitioners are employed by Mersey Care NHS Trust and have partnered with universities in Liverpool to improve student access to mental health, and help make your University life a happier one.

To access this service, please either contact the Wellbeing Service or, if you have one, your Mental Health Advisor or Counsellor. They will then refer you into the service where an appointment will be arranged within two weeks.

The service will consist of a course of six one-to-one sessions and the initial appointment will include a current assessment of your mental health. Leading up to your final sessions, your Practitioner will work with you to develop a 'Staying well’ plan to help you manage your self-harm. You will then have the opportunity to independently explore the skills that you have learnt in therapy. Your final session will explore what went well and what could be developed further. Your ‘Staying Well’ plan will be finalised before formal discharge.

Download our U-COPE Leaflet.