Mental Health Project

As part of the ‘Improving Student Mental Health through Partnerships Project’, we will be delivering a series of workshops designed to promote improved knowledge and awareness of a range of mental health issues. Aimed at both those with lived experiences of the conditions covered and at those who wish to gain more of an understanding and insight.

Workshops, hosted by the Clinical Innovation Lead of the ’Improving Student Mental Health’ project, with guest lecture segments from experts within Mersey Care Trust.

Delivered via Zoom Webinar, all workshops will include interactive polls and Q&A sessions.

Please explore the programme below and book your places using the links in each section.




Living with and understanding: Eating Disorder

This workshop explores all aspects of eating disorders, from the different types of disorders and treatments to myths and misconceptions

Wednesday 2nd February:



Living with and understanding Psychosis

This workshop is a specialist session delivered by the Early Intervention in Psychosis team; clinical Psychologists and Mental Health Nurses. It is an opportunity to further understand more the condition, and a chance to explore a topic some students may not be familiar with.

Wendesday 2nd March:



Suicide Prevention

This workshop will be delivered in partnership with the Mersey Care Suicide Prevention Team and is designed to raise your awareness of suicide, how to respond to someone who you are concerned about, or assist someone in a crisis

Wednesday 23rd March:



Living with and understanding: ADHD

This workshop will teach you about ADHD as a developmental disorder, considering controversies related to the condition. You will learn about the diagnosis and best practice treatment of ADHD and more about the realities of living with the condition

Wednesday 27th April:



Living with and understanding: Depression and Bipolar

This workshop has been developed to challenge misconceptions, help young people to recognise the symptoms of Depression and Bipolar Disorder, in themselves and in others, and to learn valuable skills for reaching out and support each other. 

Wednesday 11th May: