Online Referral / Advice Request

NOTE: This form should NOT be used for urgent out of hours referrals. If you need to make a referral out of hours, please call 0151 795 6100 to be directed to the on-duty clinician. Referrals made out of hours using this form will only be processed on the following working day.

MRSA Cases - If you have a patient that has tested +ve for MRSA can you please indicate this clearly in Section 3 in the case History.

All images (other than lesion photographs) must be submitted in DICOM format. In exceptional cases, jpegs of up to 4 radiographs may be submitted with orthopaedic, internal medicine or cardiology advice requests for evaluation of marked abnormalities, but SATH staff reserve the right to refuse to comment on unsuitable images. Please note we do NOT provide a radiograph reporting service.

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If this happens please try using a different browser, not using auto-fill to fill in the form, or try incognito/private mode.