Authors' Area

Abstracts for presentations should be submitted to by 1st April 2017.

Please note that abstracts should have a front page that contains only the following items:

  • Title
  • Authors with affiliation (in bold the presenter)
  • Abstract
  • Key references

Presentation Slot

In order to be awarded a presentation slot the full registration fee must have been paid by 15th May 2017. Please note: without an accepted abstract, no presentation slot will be allocated.

The exact date and time of your presentation will be available online at beginning of June. A preliminary programme will be available soon. Each speaker is allowed just 20 minutes, which must include time for question (please allow at least 3 minutes for questions).

Each conference room is equipped with a video projector/screen, microphone, and a PC supporting Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) and all prior versions as well as Adobe Acrobat (PDF). You can create your presentation with your preferred program application, as long as you can save or export it in these specific file formats.