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Sharing experiences

In this section we will share interviews with experienced members of law enforcement, military, security services and emergency responders providing specific guidance and advice.

While these might be unique and unchartered territories for some of those responding on the front lines, there is a lot of experience and learning to be gained from other fields. Looking at professionals in other areas, it is possible to reflect on what make operating in certain conditions challenging, how they have learned to cope with the pressures and what strategies they found most useful.

Military experience: Colonel Steven Kleinman

Interview with Steven Kleinman, sharing his experience as a military intelligence officer in the US armed forces.

Military experience: Mark and Phil

Interview with Mark and Phil sharing their military experience of operating in high-pressure environments.

FRS experience: Dan Stephens

Interview with Dan Stephens, sharing his experience as Fire & Rescue Chief operating in high-pressure environments.


Security Experience: Mark Fallon

Interview with Mark Fallon, sharing his experience within counter-terrorism and security investigations, as well as the impact of leadership in high-stakes and uncertain environments. 

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