Across all of the themes and activities, we have been able to draw on a vast network of experts and contributors – all keen to give their time and knowledge to the task. Below we want to make sure we list and acknowledge them, recognising their effort and commitment to help.

Emily Alison

Martin Ferguson

Neil Shortland

Frances Surmon-Böhr

Dan Stephens

Steven Kleinman

Marek Palasinski

Tom Potts

Catherine Alison

Mark Pountney

Anita Holt


NHS Video 

Produced By the Soldiers' Arts Academy & Amanda Faber.

Written by Phil Spencer.

Special Thanks to:

Laura Wright, Frieda Hughes, Jeff Dodds, Adelle Leonce, Shvorne Marks, Nya-Rae Marks, Jason Fox, Lizzie Mounter, Tom Leigh, Ollie Ollerton, Tip Cullen, Daisy Boyden, Tracy Ann Oberman, Colin Thackery, Brian Wood MC, Michael Coates, Lily Howkins, Fay Ripley, Daniel Lapaine, Olivia Spencer, Cassidy Little, Daisy May, Dean Helliwell, Imogen Stubbs, Stephan Uppal, David Solomon, Myleene Klass, Natalie Lowe, Margaret Parsons, James Blunt.

 Also Thanks to:

Giles Stibbe OBE, Mary Bobroff, Vicky Corley-Smith, Naomi Everson, Chris Harris.

Music Performed by Kathryn Harris.