Photo of Dr Lorenzo Cotrozzi

Dr Lorenzo Cotrozzi PhD

Postdoctoral Research Associate (Particle Physics) Physics


Personal Statement

I was born in Pisa in December 1996. In 2015 I obtained my High School Diploma with an International Scientific curriculum. I studied Physics at the University of Pisa, where I obtained both my BSc degree (2018) and MSc (2020) degree with 110/110 cum laude, and became a PhD student. In July 2019, I took part in the Summer Student Program at DESY (Hamburg) where I joined the FLC group and performed tests on a six-layer beam telescope. In February 2020 I joined the “Muon g-2, E989” experiment at Fermilab to work on my Master Thesis, supervised by Prof. Graziano Venanzoni. My work consisted in the study of systematic uncertainties on the measurement of the muon anomalous magnetic moment, focusing on events collected during the first acquisition run in 2018. During my PhD years at the University of Pisa, I performed data analysis in the Muon g-2 experiment, which led to the publication in August 2023 based on data collected in 2019 and 2020. I also served as one of the Run Coordinators for the last three years of Muon g-2 data taking. Besides Physics, I enjoy reading books, watching anime and most importantly taking drama classes. I have a double citizenship (Italian and Australian) so I have had many opportunities to travel abroad since I was a child; I am especially fascinated by Japanese culture and landscapes.