Photo of Dr Laura Harkness-Brennan

Dr Laura Harkness-Brennan PhD MPhys PGCert MInstP AFHEA

Senior Lecturer Physics


Personal Statement

I am a senior lecturer in the Department of Physics. My research focuses on gamma-ray spectroscopy and imaging, in particular through the development of novel radiation detection and analytical techniques. I often work collaboratively with other research groups internationally. I have been awarded funding for a number of projects:

(1) to develop a new germanium detector for gamma-ray spectroscopy and tracking,
(2) to develop a system for quantitative imaging in molecular radiotherapy,
(3) to evaluate the performance of systems for spectroscopy and imaging of nuclear fuel.

I am actively engaged in outreach, including delivering talks and workshops at schools and public events. I am a committee member for the Institute of Physics Nuclear Physics Group.

Personal Distinctions

  • PGCert Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (Distinction) (University of Liverpool 2016)
  • Enhanced Waste Assay, invited plenary talk (Invitation to Speak, 2nd International Conference on Dosimetry and Applications, University of Surrey 2016)
  • Science Award - Highly Commended (Women of The Future 2015)
  • Aurora leadership programme (Leadership Foundation 2015)
  • Point-like contact germanium detectors for high-resolution gamma spectroscopy, invited plenary talk, TASCA Workshop (Invitation to Speak, GSI 2015)
  • Novel techniques to enhance gamma-ray spectrometry for the nuclear industry, invited plenary talk, Conference on Applied Radiation Metrology (Invitation to Speak, CARM2015, National Physical Laboratory 2015)
  • Invited plenary talk "A new detector for gamma-ray spectroscopy and imaging" (Invitation to Speak, Institute of Physics Nuclear Physics Conference 2015)
  • Interview for "The half life of strontium 90" programme (Invitation to Speak, BBC Radio 4 2015)
  • Public Lecture "Gamma-rays: imaging the invisible" (Invitation to Speak, STFC Daresbury Laboratory Talking Science 2015)
  • "The role of nuclear physics in medicine" (Invitation to Speak, STFC RAL Teach the Teachers 2014)
  • "Imaging the Invisible" (Invitation to Speak, IOP Teachers Conference 2014)
  • What GAMOS can do for nuclear physicists (Invitation to Speak, Institute of Physics meeting on Geant4 in Nuclear Physics 2013)
  • An Introduction to Broad Energy Germanium detectors (Invitation to Speak, University of Jyvaskyla 2013)
  • Compton imaging with semiconductor detectors (Invitation to Speak, Canberra, USA 2013)
  • "Broad Energy Germanium (BEGe detectors)" (Invitation to Speak, University of York Nuclear Physics Seminar 2013)
  • Invited Seminar - "Compton Imaging: From Concept to Application" (Invitation to Speak, IFAE, Barcelona 2011)
  • Very Early Career Award (Institute of Physics Women in Physics Group 2010)

Administrative Roles

  • Department of Physics Recruitment and Admissions Team - Open Day Coordinator
  • Department of Physics Deputy Director of Postgraduate Research
  • Elected member of senate
  • Member of the Early Career Researchers Forum for the Faculty of Science and Engineering

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