Your guide to Neurology for Finals


An intensive 1-day clinical course aimed at providing medical students key skills in clinical neurology to give them confidence for their finals and foundation training. It takes place at The Walton Centre, the only specialist NHS hospital trust in the UK providing pioneering treatments exclusively for neurological conditions.

The course gives you the opportunity to examine real neurological patients, with the support of specialist neurology registrars, fellows, and consultants. By the end of the course you will be confident in taking a history, examining, diagnosing and devising management for common neurological presentations.

The course will cover different neurological examinations and topics:

  • Cranial nerve examination - in particular ophthalmoplegia, visual field deficits and speech impairment
  • Upper and lower limb examinations
  • Central and peripheral nervous system
  • Involuntary movements, cerebellar and sensory function, specialist reflexes and manoeuvres

Download the NeuroPASS Programme.

General objectives for the course:

  1. Learn how to obtain a complete neurological history, which allows an appropriate differential diagnosis, investigation and the subsequent management of the patient
  2. Learn how to clerk neurological patients
  3. Learn how to formulate a differential diagnosis based on lesion localisation, time course and other relevant history
  4. Learn how to evaluate and treat patients with the following important and common disorders: headache, stroke, epilepsy, brain tumours, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord compression multiple sclerosis, nerve and muscle, disorders, dizziness, ataxia, coma, head and spinal cord trauma


Course Dates

The NeuroPASS course runs twice a year: February and October. Our final course for 2024 will run on 12 October. Register now to book your place today! Watch this space for 2025 dates.


£30 for a full day course, including tea and coffee throughout the day.

All the tutors were wonderful, thanks to the staff and doctors for taking their time off and putting together this course.

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