NeuroPACES: The PACES Neurology course

Your guide to the neurology station in the MRCP (UK) PACES exam

Do you feel you have inadequate Neurology experience to be confident for PACES?

Have you struggled with eliciting and interpreting clinical neurological signs?

Are you dreading the Neurology station?!

Then NeuroPACES at The Walton Centre is the course for you! 


An intensive 1-day clinical course limited to 40 candidates preparing for the MRCP PACES clinical examination. Learn to elicit clinical signs, localise pathology and determine diagnoses and management of Neurology cases. The course has received consistently outstanding feedback, with 90-96% candidates rating the course as 'excellent' or 'very good' overall. 

The programme consists of a wide range of clinical neurology cases likely to be encountered in the PACES exam. Candidates are tutored in small groups (target ratio 4-5:1), with candidates taking turns at the clinical stations to ensure that each candidate has adequate examination practice during the day.

The day opens with a supporting talk on how to approach the neurology station of the PACES exam. This course focuses on providing instruction and examination preparation in neurological examination and presentation of findings.

Candidates move between 8 rooms where a neurology registrar or consultant gives an overview of different conditions, that normally appear in the exam, with a patient that the candidates can practice techniques in a mock exam scenario.


Download a pdf version of the NeuroPACES Programme for more details.

Course Dates

The NeuroPACES course runs four times a year: January, March, June and September. The next couse date is Saturday 8 June 2024. The September date will be released shortly. Register now to book your place today!


£425 for a full day course, including lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

Course Videos

Watch the following videos to get a taster of the course. Videos include:

  • Introduction to the course
  • Cranial Nerve Examination
  • Lower Limb Examination
  • The Solomon System
  • Further Lower Limb Examination

I saw cases I had only ever read about before! I feel so much more prepared for the exam now!

Dr S

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