Our research focuses on the intersection between neuroscience and infection. The lab team work collectively to understand the impact of infection on the brain, not just clinically, but also at an immunological, virologic, genetic, and neuroimaging level. 

Our projects are cross-cutting and use a bi-directional and translational model of research. The diiferent areas include: Blood-Brain Barrier Model; Murine Model; Clinical Biomarkers; Neuroimaging; Neuro-cognitive Sequelae; and Outcome Measure and Prediction. Download a pdf version of the INL translational team diagram for a visual format of the areas of research that the lab is involved in. 

Take a look at our most recent projects and read about our work through our publications page. Find out about how patient and public involvement has enhanced our work. Join our collaborative network and gain access to our Neuro Resources Centre

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Current projects

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The INL team are actively producing papers for journals with impact; take a look at the most recent articles.

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Patient and Public Involvement

Our PPI panel are helping to shape our research by sharing the patient's perspective on our work. Find out more.

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Neuro Resources Centre

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