Emma Cartledge

NERC ACCE PhD student

Research interests

I am interested in conservation ecology and genetics, particularly how we can minimise anthropogenic effects and recover populations of key species and biodiversity as a whole.

For my PhD project, I will be studying a re-introduced dormouse population in Cheshire, aiming to identify ecological factors which affect dormouse reintroduction success, with the ultimate goal of supporting the existing dormice in Cheshire and to help plan for future reintroductions. I hope to discover key habitat requirements for the current population, quantify the extent of dispersal to other sites, carry out diet analysis and population genetics work, understand the role of interspecific competition with other rodents and determine environmental variables which explain population trends.

Education and career

  • MBiol (Hons), University of York (2013 – 2017)
  • NERC ACCE CASE PhD studentship, Mammalian Behaviour and Evolution Group, University of Liverpool (2018-2022), in collaboration with Cheshire Wildlife Trust. Supervisors: Professor Paula Stockley and Professor Jane Hurst.

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