Women in Leadership: what I've learned from some of the world's greatest leaders

A lecture with  Harriet Minter, Editor of the Guardian’s Women in Leadership section.

Harriet Minter is the editor of  the Guardian’s Women in Leadership section. She writes extensively on a variety  of issues relating to women and the workplace and has interviewed a range of  leading women from MPs to entrepreneurs and celebrities.

Prior to her current  role she worked as a commissioning editor for a range of sections on the  Guardian and also ran the engagement and social media strategy for the Guardian’s Professional Networks.

She started her journalistic career at  RollOnFriday.com, the leading community site for lawyers and as a consequence  knows far too much about the private lives of the City’s highest paid  litigators.

She has a strong interest in women’s rights, diversity in the  workplace and digital media, and is a regular speaker on these topics. She also  sits on the B2B Council for the Internet Advertising Bureau and is a member of  Fujitsu’s stakeholder panel.

You can listed to the podcast of her lecture below: