Some ideas to get you started.

If you are stuck for inspiration about what to write for our Powers of Nature competition then why don't you try one of these exercises out!

1.    Write a story that begins with the phrase: ‘The only way to escape was to run nearer the Volcano’.

2.    Write a pattern poem/concrete poem in the shape of the sun or a volcano.

3.    Imagine you are the Earth or the Sun, write a letter to humanity.

4.    If you could channel the power of the sun through your fingertips what would you do with it?

5.    Write a poem or short story about the ‘power of nature’ from the perspective of an inanimate object…whether that is a tree, a volcano, a lightning bolt, a raindrop, a wave or a tornado.

6.    Try and think up five ‘kennings’ about things that you find powerful or terrifying in the natural world. Weave these together to make a poem.