Photo of Dr Carl Sheridan

Dr Carl Sheridan PhD

Senior Lecturer in Ocular Cell Transplantation Eye & Vision Sciences


Teaching roles at undergraduate level within the Schools of Medicine, Life Sciences, Health Sciences and Dentistry. Postgraduate teaching and research roles are mainly within the Institute of Life Course and Medical Sciences.

Post Graduate Teaching, Institute of Life Course and Medical Sciences

Administrative teaching roles:
• ILCaMS Education Committee
• ILCaMS Post Graduate Advisory Panel member
• ILCaMS representative on Faculty International PG committee.
• ILCaMS & DEVS peer observer of teaching lead.
• Chair & ILCaMS lead PGR/PDRA- teaching link committee
• ILCaMS Ethics panel
• Instigated Teaching connections Application working group. FHLS

Primary supervisor for several post graduate research projects (MRes, MSc, MPhil, PhD, MD)

MRes Clinical Sciences
- Lecturer: Bioengineering in Ophthalmology,
- Journal club
- Laboratory research projects supervisor
- Grant writing Assessment

MSc COVIS Anterior Segment Clinical Ophthalmology module lecturer
MSC COVIS Research project module lead
-journal club

LIFE700 MSc. Project supervisor
MSc in Organ transplantation. Academic project supervisor

Undergraduate Teaching

School of Medicine
MBChB year 1 and year 2 (Academic advisor, OSCE examiner),
Research and Scholarship year 2 seminars (3 groups), (Planning, delivery)

School of Health Sciences
BSc Hons Orthoptics
(Planning, lecture delivery and assessment)

School of Life Sciences
LIFE363 (Research projects, Planning, delivery, assessments)
LIFE227 Techniques in Cell Biology, Histology academic lead including lecture and Laboratory teaching.
LIFE107 Laboratory academic lead teaching 2021
LIFE204 Neurophysiology (Planning, lecture delivery and assessment)

School of Dentistry
Year 1 Dentistry CBL group facilitator from 2021/22

Modules for 2023-24

Anterior Segment Clinical Ophthalmology

Module code: MDSC231

Role: Teaching

COVIS Research Module 1

Module code: MDSC236

Role: Module Co-ordinator

COVIS Research Module 2

Module code: MDSC237

Role: Teaching

Endocrine and Neuro-physiology

Module code: LIFE204

Role: Teaching


Module code: ORTH142

Role: Teaching

Techniques in Cell Biology

Module code: LIFE227

Role: Teaching