Body donors honoured at University thanksgiving service


Every year, a number of generous and public-spirited individuals donate their bodies to the University so that we can continue to provide high quality teaching, training and research to our students and healthcare professionals.

The Human Anatomy Resource Centre (HARC) recently hosted a Service of Thanksgiving at the Victoria Gallery & Museum dedicated to all those who have donated their bodies over the last two years.

Thirty-three donors were honoured at the poignant service, a smaller number than in previous years as the programme had to be suspended during covid-19 lockdowns.

Personal reflections and tributes were given by staff, clinical practitioners, and by students from HARC. For the first time, a Wall of Remembrance also hosted messages of thanks from students and staff.

A flower tribute containing 33 flowers represented each donor remembered during the service. Afterwards, relatives were invited to take a flower to lay at the memorial stone in Abercromby Square.

Speaking at the event, Professor Nathan Jeffery, Director of HARC, said: “Let us be in no doubt, the generous act of donation helps save and improve lives. So, I give thanks to our silent teachers, our silent colleagues and our silent mentors.”

Bequeathals Manager Claire Crumbleholme added: “The thanksgiving service brought us all together, a unique community, to collectively reflect, remember, share gratitude and hope for the future as we celebrated these special people and their legacy.”

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