CSD Service Desk phishing attempt

A fraudulent email purporting to be from the CSD Service Desk has been received by some members of the University. 

This email is not from Computing Services. If you do receive this email, please do not click on any links within the email and take action by forwarding it to our postmaster at postmaster@liv.ac.uk

If you hover over the "Your incident" hyperlink, you'll notice it goes to a website not associated with the University. 


While the email might appear to be sent from the University, here are some things to note in the email that might alert you to its fraudulent nature: 

  • The email refers "IT Helpline" - the CSD Service Desk is never referred to as the University's "IT Helpline". 
  • The closing line says "Regards, Admin." Emails from the CSD Service Desk are never signed off in this manner. 
  • The email lists our telephone number as (0151) 774-4567. This is not our telephone number. All our contact information is listed on our help and support pages
  • The email asks users to "Contact the CSD Service Desk" via http://heIp.liv.ac.uk" - this is not the link for our self-service portal. Notice the capital I that replaces the letter "l" in the word "help". All our contact information is listed on our help and support pages
  • The contact email address listed in the email contains a spelling mistake. 
  • The look and feel of the email - our CSD Service Desk emails do not look like this. 

Most importantly, if you're ever concerned about the authenticity of an email, don't click on any links and report it to us immediately.