Email quota and sending limits

Email quota

Every student and member of staff at the University is given storage space for email, known as your email quota. Follow instructions in the self-service portal to check your usage and email quota in Webmail and Outlook.

What happens if you exceed your quota?

If you exceed your quota you will receive an email warning from IT Services. You will need to delete any emails that are no longer required to free up space and hopefully bring you back to within your quota.

If you are still unable to prune your emails sufficiently to move back within your current quota, contact the IT Service Desk for further assistance.

Email sending limits

In order to prevent accidental or malicious abuse of the email system there are limits on the size of messages which can be sent and received.

Message size limits
Cannot receive emails > 10 MB
Cannot send emails > 50 MB
Staff / Taught & Research Postgraduates
Cannot receive emails > 50 MB
Cannot send emails > 50 MB