Global collaborations

Collaboration is the foundation stone of successful research and innovation. Liverpool works extensively with partners throughout the world and has a strong track record in securing funding for collaborative research from both public and private sectors.

Liverpool has created a network of partnerships with research institutes, leading universities governments and other organisations around the world. These partnerships are focused on developing new opportunities for international research collaboration and include a commitment to both staff and student mobility.

If you are interested in collaborating with the University of Liverpool, or would like more information, please contact the International Development Office:

  • Christine Bateman, Head of International Development Office 
  • Claire Kidman International Relations and Development Officer
  • John Tasker Deputy Director of Confucius Institute and International Partnership Manager for East Asia

There are a number of available sources of funding which can be used to build your network, strengthen your partnerships, and pump-prime projects for larger funding opportunities, for further information please contact Research Policy

  • Billy Mitchell,, Strategic Projects and Partnerships Manager (International)
  • Andrew Holmes,, Research Co-coordinator (Global Challenges)

To find out more about Research at UoL please see our Research pages