Research methodologies

The Impacts 08 research methodologies were longitudinal or repeated over time, and flexible enough to adapt to need and findings.

They included:

  • Identification and mapping over time a series of clusters of indicators (across the themes of the research programme).
  • In-depth interviews with key stakeholders in the ideas and development of the European Capital of Culture 2008, from public, private and community sectors and from policy, culture and regeneration backgrounds.
  • An ongoing media impact analysis exploring the change in reporting on Liverpool over time, from 1996 – 2010.
  • An ongoing business impact analysis mapping changes in Liverpool, the region (Merseyside) and comparatively with the rest of England North West from 2000 – 2010.
  • Local Area Studies focussing on experiences of local people in selected areas of Liverpool using mainly qualitative longitudinal techniques.
  • Annually selected projects which explore diverse themes and issues that arise over the period of the research.
  • Regular assessment of secondary key data collected by Liverpool City Council and the Culture Company, as well as data from external sources in the region and the rest of the UK.