Economy and tourism

This thematic area maps the impacts of the Liverpool ECoC on the economy of Liverpool, Merseyside and the North West.

Sub-themes include impacts on inward investment, tourism, employment and job creation, and the strength and quality of the business sector. We also consider relevant social dimensions to economic impact, such as potential inequalities. The main area of data gathering and analysis in this theme does not sit with any individual project but involves the analysis of secondary data. This work will mainly be reported on in March 2010. In addition to these areas, specific projects have been commissioned to investigate the ECoC’s impact on the business base in Merseyside and the region, with a specific focus on the visitor support and attractions sector, and to understand the impact of the ECoC on visitor numbers to the city as a whole.

Impacts and engagement with the local business sector

The purpose of this project is to investigate the strength of the SME and larger business sector in Liverpool, Merseyside and the North West and how this is affected by Liverpool’s ECoC status and activities. The data for this area arises from two main sources: a biennial survey of Merseyside and North West businesses, with associated desk research; and sample interviews with Merseyside businesses, which follow on from the survey and explore issues in greater depth specifically in the tourism sector. The survey took place in 2006, building on a an independent survey carried out by the University of Liverpool Management School in 2004 (which provided baseline data). The interviews have been carried out in late 2007, and will be repeated by mid 2009 to assess opportunities that have arisen from 2008 itself.

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Impacts of the ECoC on visitor numbers

Carried out in close partnership with The Mersey Partnership (TMP), this survey explores the effect of ECoC denomination and events on the visitor base of Liverpool, asking reasons for visits and the extent to which this is influenced by the city being the 2008 ECoC or by an ECoC event (for first time and repeat visitors). The survey runs monthly from January 2008 to March 2009 with discussions over continuation underway. Impacts 08 will not produce a separate report of this work, but rather will use the findings to inform other reports, including our annual Benchmark Indicators and Core Messages reports.

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Economic impact of ECoC (08) events and programming

The aim of this project is to gain a transparent and replicable figure for the total economic impacts of Liverpool 08. The project draws together data on economic impacts from a range of secondary sources and data being collected over the course of 2008, including data on events and visitor numbers. This data is being modelled to take into account potential overlap of data emerging from other Impacts 08 thematic clusters. It also uses comparable and transparent methods to calculate additionality and multiplier effects and produces economic impact figures at Liverpool, Merseyside and North West levels. The main reporting on this will take place in September 2009 but initial estimates will inform post-08 reporting in January 2009.

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