About the Impacts 08 programme

Commissioned by Liverpool City Council, Impacts 08 was an initiative that evaluated the social, cultural, economic and environmental effects of Liverpool's hosting of the European Capital of Culture title in 2008.


The Impacts 08 programme was a partnership between the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University, and aimed to develop a research model for evaluating the multiple impacts of culture-led regeneration programmes that can be applied to events across the UK and beyond. An obvious example is the London 2012 Olympic Games, which will also incorporate a four-year cultural programme (cultural Olympiad) starting in 2008. Other European Capitals of Culture, such as Essen and the Ruhr area, Istanbul and Pecs in 2010, should also benefit from and build on this research.

Download the Impacts 08 brochure.


Impacts 08 was funded by Liverpool City Council and the University of Liverpool, and supported by Liverpool John Moores University and the Northwest Culture Observatory.

Impacts 08 also contributed to the Thrive! programme managed by the Liverpool Arts Regeneration Consortium. Other data exchange partnerships and joint project funding were established with
The Mersey Partnership and other key agencies across the region and nationally.

The European Commission, Arts and Humanities Research Council, Economic and Social Research Council and Arts Council England funded parallel research and knowledge transfer programmes.