Cranes with Liver Building behind

Heseltine Institute Policy Briefing 2(08)

The latest policy briefing in our Recovery and Renewal series is from Heseltine Institute ambassador Professor Michael Parkinson CBE.

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The Levelling Up the UK White Paper: What's the problem? [PDF 0.6MB] 

Professor Parkinson reflects on the recent Levelling Up White Paper and previous attempts at tackling the UK’s spatial inequalities. While earlier efforts such as the 1976 Inner Cities White Paper and the 2000 Urban Renaissance were clear in their objectives, the Levelling Up White Paper is strong in analysis but lacking in clarity. Deploying his extensive knowledge of urban and regional policy, and experience of his role in Liverpool’s regeneration, Professor Parkinson highlights the need for government to develop a clear, costed programme that builds on the Levelling Up White Paper’s findings.

Image credit: "Rooftop Views" by theboldstreet is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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