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Heseltine Institute Policy Briefing 2(06)

In the latest policy briefing in our Recovery and Renewal series, Clare Rainsford, Sustainability Manager at Onward Homes, assesses the challenges facing social housing providers as they attempt to decarbonise housing stock.

Access this policy briefing here:

Decarbonisation in social housing: From concept to delivery [PDF 2.2MB]

Housing is a major contributor to UK greenhouse gas emissions. Buildings account for 17% of total UK emissions, of which 77% is contributed by homes.

Social housing providers have a major role to play in reducing emissions, particularly in areas such as Liverpool City Region where there is an abundance of older, energy inefficient housing.

However, policy guidance is currently unclear in many areas and there is a need for a more defined pathway to decarbonisation for the social housing sector. Ensuring a just transition that does not negatively impact the most vulnerable residents is crucial.

Decisions made now will impact on the decarbonisation trajectory of Liverpool City Region, and the UK as a whole. Clear guidance and expectations need to be established now to align social housing investment programmes with decarbonisation objectives.

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