Heseltine Institute Policy Briefing 2(03)

Our latest policy brief ‘A recovery for secure livelihoods: addressing inequalities in Liverpool City Region’ applies the Secure Livelihoods Infrastructure (SLI) framework to assess the challenges facing the city-region over the coming years. Developed using citizen-led research by the Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP) at University College London, the framework helps to identify the infrastructure on which citizens can build a secure livelihood: secure income and good quality work; secure and genuinely affordable housing; access to public services and social infrastructure; and inclusion in the social and economic life of the city. This collaborative policy briefing by IGP and the Heseltine Institute explores the relevance of the SLI framework for Liverpool City Region and advocates for policies that develop the foundations of livelihood security.

Access this Policy Briefing here: Policy Briefing 2(03) : A recovery for secure livelihoods

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