Liverpool and Mersey from above

Liverpool Beyond the Brink: Remaking a Post-Imperial City

Tuesday, 30 November 2021, 4.00–5.30pm

In this lecture for the Confucius Institute Professor Michael Parkinson draws on his recent book ‘Liverpool Beyond the Brink’ to: (i) chart the city’s remarkable continuing, if incomplete, renaissance; (ii) explain the roots of its success; (iii) ask what is to be done about the economic, social and political opportunities and risks it now faces. He considers whether the combined challenges of Brexit, COVID, austerity, the Caller report on alleged corruption and incompetence in Liverpool city council, the Hanson’s similar critique of the Liverpool Labour party and government imposed Commissioners mean that the progress of recent years is now in question - or whether the city and people of Liverpool are able to build on their many assets and achievements to remain beyond the brink.

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