University Approval Panel

Committee description

Secretary: Liz McAleer, Email:

Terms of Reference

  1.     To approve proposals for new UoL programmes and revalidate UoL programmes that have been changed, in accordance with University programme approval processes.
  2.     To approve XJTLU programmes leading to a dual award from UoL and XJTLU.

Reporting Relationship

The University Approval Panel reports to Senate, and refers matters to the Academic Quality and Standards Committee as appropriate.

Frequency of Meetings

The University Approval Panel shall meet seven times in 2019-20, with one of those meetings intended for the approval of XJTLU programmes leading to a dual UoL and XJTLU award.


The quorum for meetings of the University Approval Panel shall be four panel members.

Members or key people

For each meeting, a panel will be formed from the pool of members below, according to the following constitution:

1 x Chair

Selected from:

  • The PVC for Education
  • The APVC Education HLS
  • The APVC for Education HSS
  • The APVC for Education SE
  • Additional chairs to be added as nominated ny the APVCs
3 x academic staff

Selected from:

  • Dr Louise Almond (HLS)
  • Professor Robert Blackwood (HSS)
  • Dr Gary Brown (HSS)
  • Dr Tim Bullough (S&E)
  • Professor Frans Coenen (S&E)
  • Liz Crolley (HSS)
  • Dr Sebastian Dembski (S&E)
  • Professor Alex German (HLS)
  • Dr Joel Haddley (S&E)
  • Dr Lynn Hancock (HSS)
  • Dr David Hutchcroft (S&E)
  • Dr Viktoria Joynes (HLS)
  • Dr Matt Murphy (S&E)
  • Dr Andrew Plowman (HSS)
  • Denise Prescott (HLS)
  • Dr Leonie Robinson (HSS)
  • Professor Anthony Sinclair (HSS)
  • Dr Simon Snowden (HSS)
  • Professor Rob Stokes (HLS)
  • Professor Susanne Voelkel (HLS)
  • Dr Francine Watkins (HLS)
1 x professional services representative 

Selected from:

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

  • R Atkins (Life Sciences)
  • L Baron (Dentistry)
  • J Bradshaw (Psychology)
  • G Latham (Clinical Sciences)
  • J Vicary (Health Science)

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • K Beech (HLC)
  • A Davies (Arts)
  • V Fry (HLC)
  • R Hughes (SLSJ)
  • S Isenberg (ULMS)
  • Dr B Jones-Davies (ULMS)
  • J Lloyd (Arts)
  • R Lucas (ULMS)

Faculty of Science and Engineering :

  • E Carter-Brown (Faculty SE)
  • Dr C Egan (Physical Sciences)
  • J Harding (EEE and CS)
  • L Parry (Engineering)
  • V Reynolds (Environmental Sciences)
  • C Rimmer (Environmental Sciences)
1 x representative from the Liverpool Guild of Students

Selected from:

  • TBC

1 x representative from the Centre for Innovation in Education

Selected from:

  • Nick Bunyan
  • Joanna Cheetham
  • Ceri Coulby
  • Nick Greer
  • Simon Thomson
  • Tunde Varga-Atkins

1 x representative from The Academy

Selected from:

  • To be confirmed

Head of Academic Quality and Standards Division

T Barker

Alternate members may be co-opted or invited to attend for specific meetings at the discretion of the Committee.

Meeting dates

  • 8 December 2020, 9.30 am
  • 30 March 2021, 9.30 am
  • 20 April 2021, 9.30 am
  • 29 April 2021, 9.30 am
  • 5 May 2021, 12.30 pm
  • 13 May 2021, 9.30 am
  • 20 May 2021, 9.30 am

A full schedule of Committee meeting dates can be viewed here.