Alan Turing Institute appointment for Liverpool geographic data scientist

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Dr Dani Arribas-Bel, from the University of Liverpool’s Department of Geography & Planning, has been appointed as Deputy Director of the Urban Analytics programme at The Alan Turing Institute.

Dr Arribas-Bel is a senior lecturer in the University’s Geographic Data Science Laboratory and ESRC Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute. He has an extensive international reputation in the field of geographic data science and urban analytics. His research focus is at the intersection of cities, new forms of data, data science and AI, and fits within the Digital theme of the University. He has published widely on disciplines ranging from urban economics, to geography, demography and urban planning.

The Alan Turing Institute is the UK’s national institute for data science whose mission is to make great leaps in data science and artificial intelligence research in order to change the world for the better.

Urban Analytics is one of its ten strategic programmes of research. It is focused on the process, structure, interactions and evolution of agents, technology and infrastructure within and between cities across spatial and temporal scales.

In his new role, Dr Arribas-Bel will work alongside Professor Mark Birkin, Director of the Urban Analytics Programme, to develop and deliver the strategic objectives of the programme.

He said: “This appointment is a huge honour for me.  I believe society is currently undergoing a data, data science, and AI revolution that will transform our understanding of cities and regions. We will require such advances to ensure successful and equitable solutions to climate change, socio-economic inequalities, and the challenges posed by the very digital technologies that generate the data. These are some of the key areas the Urban Analytics programme is concerned with. I am very much looking forward to working with partners to push forward the programme’s agenda and contributing to the future success of The Alan Turing Institute.”

Professor Wiebe Van Der Hoek, EPVC for the University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering, said: “I am delighted that Daniel has been awarded this exciting new role at The Alan Turing Institute. He brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of urban analytics and geographic data science. Digital is a key research priority for the University of Liverpool and this appointment reflects Liverpool’s strength in this area.”

Dr Arribas-Bel started his post earlier this month.

Digital is one of the University of Liverpool’s six research themes. Research within this theme is enabling the transformation of society and industry through the generation, communication and processing of data. University researchers are tackling some of the world’s greatest challenges and helping to deliver better health, social justice and industrial competitiveness. For further information, please visit the Digital research theme web page.